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Bifrost-Riverton is located approximately 100 kilometers north of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital. The community lies along the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba’s largest lake, and is part of the province’s Interlake Region. The municipality includes the growing community of Riverton, and surrounds the Town of Arborg. We hope that you find the information provided here interesting and useful. If you are not currently a resident of Bifrost-Riverton, we hope that you will visit us soon to see what we have to offer to tourists, residents and businesses.

IERHA Statement Re: Arborg Clinic

An Update: Local Improvement No. 01-2017, Borrowing By-law 18-2017


On December 22, 2017, the Municipality received a letter from the Municipal Board regarding our application for Borrowing. The letter indicated that the panel was unable to make a decision and required a bit more information. The Municipality was disappointed that these questions were not presented at the Hearing and now a decision on this proposed borrowing has been delayed even further. The Municipality also feels that these questions were already answered during the Municipal Board Hearing. A response to the questions the Municipal Board has asked were mailed to them on Monday, February 5, 2018.

At the point when a date to reconvene the Municipal Board hearing is set, notice must be given 40 days in advance of the hearing date. This can be done so by advertising in a local newspaper. The Municipality was not required to and did not feel it was in the taxpayer’s best interest to spend money on notifying the Public when it initially received the letter and then again when we are required to give Public Notice of the date to reconvene the Municipal Board Hearing. We have had several members of the Public contact the Municipal office to inquire as to the decision made by the Municipal Board and I have provided the Public with the information.


LIDAR Data for Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton

Please go to the following link to access LIDAR data for the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton.


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